Our Chef is Luca Bartolini who graduated at the ‘Hotel and Restaurant High School’. He started his journey of chefing experience on cruise shops and graduated through the finest hotels of Rome. Highly esteemed by his colleagues he was then head hunted to work for Chef Antonella Colonna where he worked as a Chef de Partie.

A year of great inspiration followed in London where he collaborated inopening a new restauratn in the salubrious area of Richmond.

Having returned to Rome he was quickly head hunted by Nicola Malaspina as Head Chef of the renowned ‘Bubis Restaurant in Rome.

Over the years he has proven his creative skills in managing resources andcreating dishes widely appreciated by his customers.

Today he  demonstrates many skills by acting in a Consultation capacity to restaurants, he gives private cooking lessons tailored to specific needs on a 1:1 basis and collaborates with Catering for the management of small and large events.

The opening and management of his own restaurant at the age of 32 is a testomony to his skills and knowledge in this sector.

Always ready to experiment with new techniques while respecting the raw material and choosing it personally from its trusted suppliers. His dishes speak of his passion for the art of cooking. His international influences collected over the years is perfectly combined with respect for traditional dishes. Always available to please and pamper its customers with its charismatic presence in the restaurant and willingness to agree with the customer a bespoke menu, taking into account his tastes, his preferences, his intolerances or allergies, he will make your dinner or your event to the fullest.


The philosophy of The Lemon Tree Bistrot Bio is to make sure that our customers rediscover the best traditions of Italian cuisine revisited with modern criteria to safeguard health and the environment: seasonal organic products, possibly from the sorroundings, in a relaxing, informal and welcoming environment. 

Organic farming is the basis of our vision: a method of cultivation and breeding that only allows the use of natural substances and excludes the use of chemical synthesis substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). This means that we are going to select only products that are the result of a supply chain that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources (in particular soil, water and air), supporting a more sustainable development model. 

Our raw materials are the result of a process that respects the environment, the seasons and the territory. Processed according to natural and low-impact process and proposed through a personalized service based on the tastes and preferences of our customers: cooking and seasonings that do not alter their authentic flavors. Fish and seafood are only fresh and fished, if possible, in our seas. 

The Lemon Tree Bistrot Bio also looks to the future. The market for organic food, in fact, is constantly growing. Among the reasons behind this interest, consumers recognize the superior quality of these products compared to their ‘classic’ options. They are aware of their greater safety, healthiness and greater respect for the environmen. 

The quality of organic products today has also found its place within the European legislation. The EC Regulation n. 834/2007 establishes that one of the objectives of organic production is to supply high quality products.


Lemons are foods rich in vitamin C, allies of the immune system, useful for the health of the skin and to promote digestion. Here are their properties, benefits and nutritional values. 

The lemon tree fruits, lemons (Citrus limon) plant of the family Rutaceae, help digestion and the skin to maintain wellbeing and shine. Above all, they are among the first allies of the immune system. Let’s find out more properties and benefits of lemons. As we know lemons are a precious source of vitamin C, the queen of vitamins, with an undeniably beneficial effect on the human organism. 

Particularly suitable against the attacks of flue and cold, thanks to their ability to lower levels of histamine, have a strong antioxidant effect that helps the body in the production of collagen, the substance that keeps the cells together and that participates healing of wounds and cuts. In addition, the lemon, for the wealth of antioxidants it contains, is one of the anti-cholesterol foods par excellence. 

The beneficial substances do not end here: limonin and limonene limit the cellular damage from which the formation of tumors can result. Citric acid and citrates (salts) contained in lemons are natural sourness regulators. Among the other nutrients contained therein are also the B vitamins: important for nervous balance, for nutrition and for skin balance. Finally, lemons have antiseptic, tonic, fluidizing, haemostatic, vermifuge and alkalizing properties.

100 g of lemons contain 11 kcal / 46 kj, while the juice contains 6 kcal / 25 kj per 100 g. 

 – Water 89.50g – Carbohydrates 2.30g – Soluble sugars 2.30g – Protein 0,60g – Fat 0 – Cholesterol – Total fiber 1.90g – Sodium 2mg – Potassium 140mg – 0.10mg iron – 14mg calcium – 11mg phosphorus – Vitamin B1 0.04mg – Vitamin B2 0.01mg – Vitamin B3 0.30mg – Vitamin C 50mg 

Immune system, nervous system, skin, eyes and liver.

We know no other fruit capable of turning into liquor and giving freshness to foods, cooking food without heat and embellishing desserts, jams and sorbets. In short, nature, through the lemon, has given us a concentrate of virtue!



  • Wholewheat pancakes €5
  • Oatmeal porridge €6
  • White yogurt with fresh fruit and granola €6.50
  • Rye bread, avocado, classic and black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and roasted pumpkin seeds €7
  • Toast with baby spinaches and poached egg €8
  • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sour cream €9


Soups of the day

  • vellutè €10
  • soup of the day €10



  • Spelled salad, octopus, sun-dried tomatoes and lemon peel Apple, walnut and pecorino salad €10
  • Mackerel salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives €10
  • Mixed salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes and spring onions €10


  • Lemon salmon escalope with green salad and seeds mix €15
  • Beef stew cacciatora style with saute potatoes, salad and seeds mix €15


  • Brownie served with hezelnut ice-cream €5
  • Apple pie served with milk ice cream €5





  • Beef tartare €12
  • Goat's cheese spheres with velvety cherry tomatoes and creamed cod €9
  • Creamed cod €11
  • Fried anchovies €10


  • Cheese selection served with lemon jam, linden honey and sweet red onion jam €14
  • Selection of cold cuts served with croutons and sundried tomatoes €13
  • Gran Selection of cheeses and cold cuts €22



  • Scalted ombrina fi sh in an almond crust served with saute chicory €18
  • Sliced beef with sprouts, valerian salad and seed mix €20
  • Summer eggplant parmigiana with basil pesto €15
  • Roasted salmon with grilled vegetables €18


  • Wholemeal bread, beef burger, salad, tomato, provola and crispy bacon €14
  • Multigrain bread, fish burger, yogurt cream and salad. €15



  • Spelt salad, octopus, sundry tomato, rocket and lemon rind €12
  • Mackerel salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives €11
  • Mixed salad, avocado, tomatoes and spring onions €10
  • Mixed salad, apple and walnuts and pecorino cheese €10


  • Brownie served with hazelnut ice-cream €8
  • Lemon parfait €6
  • Upsidedown Tiramisù €7
  • Apple pie served with vanilla flavour ice-cream €7


Work breakfast and brunch

Do you have to work with your laptop or you have to talk about work in a quiet environment? Do it at our Bistrot while ordering our organic breakfast either sweet or salty and get a kick start to your day!

Business Lunch

Whether you want a business lunch or quick lunch break come and find out about our BUSINESS LUNCH MENU: express and organic cuisine at a fixed price of:
12.00 € for a pasta or a salad at your choice + water and coffee 15.00 € for a main course at your choice with a side dish + water and coffee We will make your lunch quick but organic and tasty.

High Tea

Would you like a cup of tea served according to the best British tradition with sweets and sandwiches? Come and have your High Tea in an informal and welcoming environment, take your time for your teabreak all for you or to be shared with friends!


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the time when the day gives the sunset its most intense and true light, you allow yourself a relaxing break with our aperitifs. An excellent sparkling wine or an intriguing cocktail accompanied by delicious finger food in the unique atmosphere of our Bistrot is what it takes!

Kitchen Lessons

Book an appointment with Chef Luca Bartolini for private lessons and learn new recipes while having fun.

Private Parties

Are you about to celebrate a special occasion? Reserve our Bistrot for you and your friends and talk directly with the Chef to plan your menu or your buffet, your wines and cocktails chosen especially for you and your friends. Of course everything strictly ORGANIC!

Corkage Service

Do you want to bring your own special wine? With us you can with a service charge of 15.00€: we will service your wine according to the rules of sommeliers.

Wine Tasting

Plan your wine tasting and decide with the Chef your aperitif or tasting menu or have fun with your friends to pair the dishes proposed by the Chef.



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